For a quarter of a century CAS Hanwei has been forging top quality Japanese katana's. Wakizashi's and Tanto's.


  • Practical Katana's

    The Hanwei Practical Serie: Our most economical Japanese katanas feature...

  • Practical Koto Katana

    Hanwei designed the Practical Koto series for the practitioner who want to...

  • Forged Katana

    These Japanese katana's are hand forged from high carbon steel with proper...

  • Folded Katana's

    These katana's are hand forged and folded and handsharpened using Japanese...

  • Raptor Katana

    The Raptor series, our new line of cutting katanas, has been designed for the...

  • Ninja Swords

    Functional Ninja-to and Ninja swords from Paul Chen Hanwei.

  • Limited Edition

    A limited edition collection from Hanwei, high quality mounting by...

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